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AKWA IBOM LOADED ( is a professional platform for music promotion, News publishing, online business advert, entertainment connect etc.

Our mission is to support mostly entertainers, especially our uprising artists on National/international live events and concerts.

For your songs/business to feature on our platform ( there are some basic requirements that must be meet.

1. Quality
Akwaibomloaded will not accept a poorly produced song, no matter the content or message. As an artist do well to get your songs done by good producers. It is a plus to your credits. It must not be a famous producer but just not an amateur.

2. Artist delivery
Please if you know you did not do well in the song don’t waste your subscription and our time. We advise you give the song to people who can tell you the truth, let them listen and share their views, before going ahead to Wattsapp us. You must do well in the song if we must host it in our site.

3. Cover art
Lots of artist drop songs without even a cover art because they underrate the promotional power of pictures. I tell you, a beautifully designed cover art may be the reason people get attracted to your song, they love to hear it when the like the art. So get a good graphic designer to make you meaningful cover arts please and we will surely look your way.

4. Song Caption
Songs with good captions or title is a plus, do songs that has attractive captions, it is also an attractive element.

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