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AKWA IBOM IS FOR SALE! “Aniebiet Francis”



Ibom veteran Actor and a motivational writer Aniebiet Francis took to her social page to explain by bits how Akwaibomites will be rendered homeless by Yorubas and Igbos.

She writes..

“About a month ago, COLDSTONE, a reputable ice cream and pizza brand opened an outlet in the city of Uyo. Few weeks after , CHICKEN REPUBLIC Signage popped up to announce their expected arrival in Uyo. These two brands don’t make any investments without a thorough and accurate market survey!

These two significant events point to the fact that Akwa Ibom is the next commercial city in Nigeria. Sadly, politics has beclouded our vision, sense of reasoning and judgement. Many Akwa Ibomites are busy painting the state in a bad light on every available media platforms, while investors from other tribes are trooping into the state to take advantage of the opportunities that abound.

Some months back, my former neighbor in Lagos was in Akwa Ibom, his brother sent him to Akwa Ibom to buy landed properties around the proposed seaport area. In his words “Actor, we don buy reach river. Lekki and Ikoyi no be water before? Na we dey build skycrapper on top water.” That statement made me pensive all through my ride back home from the airport.

For the benefit of those who don’t know, majority of the richest men in Lagos are non indigenes. They are people who saw the future of Lagos, planned for it via investments, partnership and ideas. Core indigenes of Lagos sold their lands and properties like Akwa Ibomites are doing today. Today, a great percentage of indigenes of Lagos have been rendered homeless by the elites. These elites have forcefully taken over the suburbs these locals were living.

Same thing happened in Dubai…

Now most indigenes of Dubai are living in the villages and suburbs while non-indigenes had taken over the city centre and now pay indigines to keep it clean, their police protect the non-indigenes, the show halls are paid up by non-indigenes while indigenes perform for them to watch and also serve the drinks… If this is possible in a country where the government has made conscious efforts to protect her citizens, then we should be worried.

Let me shock us, these yorubas and igbos that are massively investing in AKWA IBOM today didn’t know about these potentials and investment opportunities via revelation from the holy spirit. Some got a wind of it through our visionary Akwa Ibomites, some through their investors circle.

Dear supporters/loyalists, stop wasting your audience with politicians (these are the people with the cash we need to invest in AKWA IBOM) on gossips and blackmail for fifty thousand naira. Start discussing issues that will serve a greater purpose. If business and creative thinking is not your forte, look around you, there are hundreds of creative and committed AKWA IBOM youths with great business ideas, introduce them to your “chairman” to pitch these ideas.

Dear politician, at this point, your interests and discussions should go beyond zoning, slots, appointment, We need to start discussing the future of AKWA IBOM. Make room for “non political youths” youths with no political relevance. These set are business ideas reservoirs.

Finally, may what befell indigenes of Lagos and Dubai not befall AKWA IBOMITES”.


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On reaction to this article, many Akwaibomites express inconvenient. From your view point, has Aniebiet Francis said something meaningful?

If Yes/No! What’s your ideas/opinions?

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