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Da Zion Umoh, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State and a foreign business man angrily voice out on his Facebook page to Akwa Ibom State Governor “Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel” with regards to his N22-million  naira debt left unpaid during the Governor’s first term election campaign (2015).

He wrote;

“Let me break silence for once but I will hold unto the names involve.

In 2015 during Governor UDOM Emmanuel ‘s first term campaign, I was a member of PDP and was contracted by the men of Governor Udom Emmanuel to do some work for PDP and I was a member of PDP, I flew in from US with my personal funds and accomplished the assignment that was given to me and it took me 3 months.

Two weeks later, PDP Stakeholders that came out to represent Governor Udom Emmanuel made a change of mind and demanded for more than what we agreed, the whole deal went bad and I was not compensated for the 3 months that I lost although they promised to settle before the 2015 Elections but failed and I was still a member of PDP.

Still before the 2015 General Elections, PDP Stakeholders that represented Udom Emmanuel as the spoke Person during his first term Campaign in 2015 bought my idea of bringing in an Airship that flies with Helium gas and I was sent to get a 13 feet Airship for Udom Emmanuel’s campaign and the best and closest one was found in Canada which I paid my fare and flew from Uyo to Lagos to Dubai, to Houston Texas to Chicago Illinois to New York to Canada then hired a taxi and met with Mr Dan and bought it from him after I couldn’t get a whole of Mrs Amelia that I also contacted.

Within a week, I was back in Uyo with the Airship which I did an Express shipping according to the Urgency of the people that made the order for Udom Emmanuel.

This Government believes in coping and stealing People’s trade marks because my blimp (Airship) was the first and ever remote blimp in Akwa Ibom State before Governnor Udom Emmanuel copied my idea and purchased those small blimps and mounted them at several Junctions in Uyo in 2019 during the just concluded Elections but still refused to pay the originator of that concept which is me.

When little keypad warriors from PDP were hired by Ini Ememobong to Insult me online without knowing what pushed me out of PDP, I ignored them because some of my shoes are older them although a day will come when I will address their parents for not giving them a proper home training.

At the end of it all, I lost so much Millions, lost 6 months of my business time and out of my 4 cars that I imported from US and used during his campaign, one was smashed at Ikot Ekpene LGA during his rally by some angry youths that didn’t get anything after the campaign and that was my Pearl White Infiniti Q45 that someone had offered 2.7 million naira during the campaign but at the end, I actioned that car out because i couldn’t find the glasses to fix it.

That same men that represented Udom Emmanuel took some pictures of the car at the resident of Udom Emmanuel during a dinner and promised to replace the car after the 2015 Elections and till today, these men are still jacking my heavy testicles with their small jack of lies that Governor Udom Emmanuel will settle me and that I should be patient that they are working on my settlement since 2015 till this 2019.

The last thing as the Airship has sustained sever damages under their care and yet no dime or Kobo for it.

I have called Governor Udom Emmanuel several times since 2015 till today but no update for my money, I messaged him last year and till today, no response.

September 2018, I was seated to receive my 2015 PDP debt as an APC Member but Udom Emmanuel adjoined the meeting and promised to meet in the evening but till today, Udom Emmanuel can only be seen on TV, Billboards and Social Media as a result of wrong investment of investing more on the Social Media to lies instead of investing on the streets to change and impact People positively.

I have been reliably told that those men that represented Governor Udom Emmanuel collected my money in 2015 and shared among themselves and block me from accessing Udom Emmanuel to ask for my money.

On this day 31st day of August 2019, that I will never call anyone ask for this money that was amounted to 22 Million Naira but rather, I am going to mobilize as many of my followers living outside Nigeria where less thugs and mobile police officers are carried to confront HE Governor Udom Emmanuel and ask him why is he heartless with my money and I will personally follow up with him and Confront him one on one with my camera crew members to know if his men collected my money in 2015 anytime he enters United States of America, Canada or United Kingdom (London) because I worked so hard to make myself independent and a business owner.

Here are the 2015 emails below before everyone will blame me for my actions.

My name is Da Zion Umoh and I approve this message.

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