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Election Tribunal “Nsima Ekere in fear” over lies and confusion



Akwa Ibom Tribunal: The lies, confusion and fear of Nsima Ekere

By Richard Peters

Since the commencement of hearing in respect of the ongoing case at the Tribunal, the candidate of the APC and petitioner Nsima Ekere has wallowed and has continued to be enslaved by lies, confusion and fear.

It is often said that he who goes to equity, must go with clean hands. But in Ekere’s case, his hands have already been soiled in falsehood, injustice and corruption. Hence, equity and justice are not found in his dictionary.

Prior to the hearing at the tribunal, Nsima Ekere had known that he has no case to present. Instead for him to accept defeat in good faith, he decided to pride himself like a serpent whose head has been cut off. The highest that such snake can do is to scatter sand around that location. This has been Ekere’s effort. It has not moved anything than a little distraction to the gullible minds.

His arguments are often decorated with lies. Even before the commencement of the tribunal and while the tribunal was in progress, he was busy mobilizing media agents to twist the facts of the case. He made all manner of unfounded allegations against the tribunal Chairman and Members, INEC and other respondents in his petition.

Quite ridiculous was the fact that he would say one thing today and say another thing the next day. He did not only lie to himself, but equally confused himself.

The confusion was very pronounced when he wrote in his petition that he won in 28 Local Government Areas and in the next paragraph he said that the election was wrecked with irregularities, and during cross examination, he said he never won and that the entire election should be cancelled. He then accused his lead counsel Okutekpa of not guiding him well. This is indeed preposterous: A sick person telling the doctor how to treat him.

Beyond the lies that Nsima manufactured and the confusion that his lies has thrown him into, his body language has shown that he is enveloped with fear. The fear is that he is afraid of almost all the witnesses of the respondent due to their quality and stamina in accurately responding to all the questions from all counsels. This is why he usually objected to their cross examination. His last appearance in court was quite dramatic. He was fidgeting at every question thrown at him. He kept on confusing himself and his counsel.

Every sane person knows how the case will end, though that is left for the judges to decide. While we are keeping our fingers crossed as both the petitioner and the respondents have closed their case and a day is being set aside for adoption of written address to finally mark the end of the legal fireworks, don’t forget that Nsima Ekere is a comedian who feels that his bank of lies will suffocate his confusion and put his fears to rest. But truth will always triumph over falsehood which has been the trademark of the APC.

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