The Indegenous people of Obong Ntak Village in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State warned an APC Chieftain, Chief Inibehe Okori, to please stay away from their former Postal Agency building for peace to continue in the Community.

Chief Inibehe Okorie is an indigene of Obong Ntak. In 2015, he contested and lost the Senate seat of Akwa Ibom North West (Ikot Ekpene) Senatorial District to the former Senate minority leader Senator Godswill Akpabio.

According to the Village Head of Obong Ntak, (Chief Eno Sunday Joshua), Inibehe is swindling to claim a former Postal Agency building that was built and donated to the Community by Obong Ntak Development Association, as his personal police post.

The information was disclosed to newsmen through the Village Head and family heads of the Community while returning from Commissioner’s office in Uyo, on Wednesday 24th July, 2019 following a petition by Chief Inibehe Okori against some indigene of the community (Deac. Ezekiel Sampson Eshiet, Deac. Uwem Isaac Umanah, Mr. Daniel Eno Sunday, Mr. Nduese Ezekiel John and one Mr. Emman Uko) that they vandalized and defaced his police post in Obong Ntak Village.

Inibehe Okori who has not won a Local Government Councilor position in his entire life, nor secured the position of a Youth Leader in his community explained himself to the Commissioner of police, as a seating Senator at Abuja while reporting this matter, without knowing the truth will be told after his regular propaganda.

Deacon Ezekiel Eshiet, a native of Nto Ekon family also a financial member of Obong Ntak Development Association, narrates the history and how the land was bought by the Village Council and the balance paid by Obong Ntak Development Association. He further stress that the building foundation was laid by the Village, later completed by Obong Ntak Development Association and donated to the Village in 1995 for postal Agency.

After the introduction of Mobile Handset in Nigeria, the postal Agency did not function again. The building was rented to one Mrs. Inemesit Mathew Umoh by the Village. After a while, Inibehe come and constituted an illegal Village council. His so called council members went to a nearby community (Ibio Edem Urua) and killed a goat that was cooked at the former Postal Agency premises. Mrs Inemesit Mathew Umoh who rents the building went to caution them on such act, they went to the womanโ€™s compound and destroy all the economic trees and send the entire family on exiled until when the matter was settled at Zone 6 Calabar.

He further emphasized that, Inibehe Okori is attributed to the Postal Agency building through his Personal Assistance (PA) Mr. Nse Frank Eshiet and Alphonsus Okon Akpakpan whom he sends an errand to the Village Council on his behalf that, the Federal Government has given an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre to the Village and then demanded for a place to locate it.

The Village Council agreed that Postal Agency building be renovated for such purpose since itโ€™s a welcome development to the community. The building was renovated and installed with all the computing equipments that was donated to the Village including Solar Generator, satellite dish, Air conditioners etc, which was confirmed by two authentic family Heads in the Village (Chief Lawrence Isaac Afangide and Late Chief Friday Mathew Umouko).

But after a week or two, Inibehe Okori send the same persons with his private Police and they vacate the whole equipments and all the appliances installed in the building. In a short while, the building was painted with a Police Colour. On behalf of the Village, the family Heads charged the matter to Obong Customary court, after investigating from the former Commissioner of Police (CP) who confirmed that there is no police post in Obong Ntak Village.

At last, court ruled that Inibehe Okori should vacate the said land and building from the date of judgement (January, 2018). It was from the judgement that the Village Council decided to clean the Police Colour from the building which was done effectively.

Surprisingly, Inibehe Okorie went to write a petition against the above named people, that a building he built with N7.5m and donated to Nigeria Police has been defaced and vandalized by the above named indigene of his community.

The Village head as Chief Security of the Village and the entire villagers drum to the hearing of everybody including the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, to please warn his subject (Inibehe Okorie) to stay clear from the community building.

He added, Inibehe Okori on his capacity as a politician is capable of bringing profitable companies to Obong Ntak for the interest and development of his Community other than creating problems every year. How can he sleep and feel Comfortable when there is no Village Hall in his community? As a reasonable person, I wonder what example he shows to people outside. Does it mean that AKPABIO and other Political Stakeholders has no Community? Is this how they support and contribute to the welfare and growths of their Community?

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